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Sodium Dental is the only company that has our own lab for repairing digital x-ray sensors. We work directly with our manufacturers to bring you high quality replacement parts that meet and exceed original equipment specifications.  Sodium Dental employs multiple x-ray sensor repair technicians for each brand of sensor that we fix and refurbish.  You’ll know you’re in good hands with our team.

Sodium Dental is also a full dental technology consultant and integration company. We specialize in all aspects of dental technology including network solutions, dedicated file servers, backup solutions, practice management software, imaging software, intra-oral cameras, digital radiography, and more!

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Used Cerec 3 Sirona System For Sale

Used Cerec 3 Sirona System For Sale

Tested and working very well, videos provided.

Looking for an offer of $15,000.00 plus shipping and handling estimated at $1,350


Used Cerec 3 Acquisition Unit Used Cerec 3 Acquisition Unit Used Cerec 3 Milling Unit  Used Cerec 3 Serial Plate Used Cerec 3 Milling Unit Used Cerec 3 Milling Unit Used Cerec 3 Milling Unit Used Cerec 3 Milling Unit Used Cerec 3 Milling Unit

How To Email Patient Health Information Securely and For Free and Make HIPAA HAPPY


How To Email Patient Health Information Securely and For Free and Make HIPAA Happy

HIPAA is a terrifying adjective that most dentists either don’t care about or are entirely frustrated with. The newest problem in the list of things you need to be ready for  with HIPAA is securing your method for transmitting patient health information to other doctors.

Well dentists I have a solution for you.

Here is the key to being able to send an email with patient information. The data has to have what is called End to End encryption. This means that you enter a password and some software uses that password to encrypt the data you are sending and the doctor at the other end has the password as well to unlock the encryption.

HIPAA has yet to declare if your email provider needs to sign a BAA with you or not if all the data in your email is encrypted and the email provider has no access to it.

But to be safe check out this page and get a BAA with google for your professional GMAIL account.

HIPAA wants you to send this information through your email and the end doctors email via a method that encrypts the data. The great way to do this is to encrypt the phi in a PDF, password protect it and send that.

In this video I use a FREE PDF creator called PDFCreator to do exactly this. Very simple, easy and no monthly or start up fees.

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Sensor Repair

Is your sensor? Triggering before you have had a chance to take an X-Ray Sensor has recently stopped working Your cable is obviously damaged You have sent your sensor into your manufacturer and they say it is not repairable If you have these issues or any other with your digital X-Ray sensors or Intra Oral […]


Zen-X Digital X-ray Sensor


Zen-X has been developed to simplify the whole process of taking radiographs thanks to the outstanding ergonomic shape, which ensures maximum patient comfort. Product Brochure Technical Data Versatility and speed Powerful USB 2.0 connectivity makes the system extraordinarily convenient and mobile and minimizes the time between X-ray exposure and on-screen viewing. No unwieldy power source […]


MyRay RXDC HyperSphere + High frequency X-ray


RXDC HyperSphere Plus incorporates an ergonomically advanced touch-activated positioning technology and the freedom of wireless control. Product Brochure Technical Data HyperSphere technology Locked and unlocked by 2 touch-sensitive areas, the tube head revolves freely around the spherical ball-joint, enabling freedom and precision in terms of positioning. Easy controls The wireless control device, which can be […]


MyRay Hyperion Panoramic Imager


Hyperion features Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) which automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct X-ray exposure. Product Brochure Technical Data Other Resources Stress-free experience Allow your patient to stand still, while the laser-guided multi-motor kinematics positions itself in a matter of seconds. The face-to-face approach makes it comfortable for both dentist […]