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Sodium Dental is a full service dental technology consultant and integration company serving the entire United States area.  We specialize in all facets of dental technology including new digital x-ray sensors, new digital pano and 3DCT units, X-ray Tubeheads, network infrastructure, computer workstations, HIPAA backup solutions, practice & image management software, intra-oral cameras, and staff training.

Sodium Dental is the best choice for digital x-ray sensor repair and refurbishment. Don’t replace your x-ray sensor, get it fixed!

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Learning About Goal Setting and Much More At The Paragon Program Longboat Key National Study Club

Learning About Goal Setting and Much More At The Paragon Program Longboat Key National Study Club

The LBK Study Club meeting with The Paragon Program was an extremely valuable and fun event. Every day we started off with morning meetings from 8AM to Noon which brought our staff the opportunity to sit in and learn with many of our dental clients. We took away great lessons on how much value there is in goal setting and striving for the future. I was personally inspired by a talk given by one of Paragon’s senior staff. Paragon has so much to offer in great advice and guidance that it is impossible to be a part of a meeting and not take away something valuable for yourself and your business.

There were also 3 great team building exercises that we were excited to take part in. Team building exercises are always more valuable to your company then you ever realize. They may seem fun or silly, but the value is in building something or doing something together and seeing that drive to achieve in your coworkers.

The team building events were a Sand Castle Building Competition, a Sand Volleyball Tournament, and on the last night our team and many of the dental offices put on entertaining skits. I know this all sounds a lot like an awesome summer camp, but these events let get a chance to talk to our clients in a different environment, to have a chance to hear their struggles and get a better understanding of how our company can grow and change to help meet those struggles head on. The other thing that we learned is that many of our clients besides being doctors are also extremely funny and talented in many other ways.

This was a great experience and we really enjoyed the opportunity.

Protect your EPHI from Ransomware

Dental offices are required to protect EPHI in their practice, Ransomware is a huge potential danger to that EPHI

EPHI is Electronic Personal Health Information. Personal Health Information is considered any data you collect from your patients at your dental practice dealing with their healthcare. The new danger to your data is what is called “RANSOMWARE”. This is a just a title applied by the tech community to programs that are designed to encrypt your data without your knowledge and then force you to pay a high ransom to get that data back. Or in many cases it encrypts your data and there is no way to get your data back. It is lost forever.


How you can get Ransomware:

The most common way you get ransomware is by opening email attachments. Clever virus makers send emails that look like they are from legitimate sources to you and they may include what appears to be a word document or some other computer attachment. When you open the document, in the background it installs a program that you do now know is running. It selects specific file types and begins encrypting them. It encrypts them but you don’t have the encryption key and most importantly it doesn’t encrypt your system files so it could be a couple of days before you even know what is happening.

It is as if a thief broke into your house and moved all of your valuables into an indestructable safe right in your living room. There is no way you can break into the safe and get your stuff back unless the thief gives you the key to the safe. They essentially steal your stuff and make you pay to get it back.

  • Antivirus software very often doesn’t recognize the software as a virus
  • Antimalware software often doesn’t see the software as a virus


What makes this so dangerous you say, I have a backup you say.

  • Most backups only keep a few different copies, if you don’t know you have this virus for 3 to 5 days then it is common that the ENCRYPTED BAD DATA will be backed up over your good data in the old back ups
  • If your provider is using SHADOW COPIES to backup your data, this will not protect you, shadow copies get infultrated
  • If you use an offsite over the internet backup you often only have one copy and the first night you backup runs it will backup the damaged data over your good data
  • If you use an external hard drive but you never unplug it then it will get encrypted with all of your backup data


How to protect your EPHI from Ransomware?

The key to protecting yourself is to be aware. I have attached some screen shots of the emails I have received that appear to be emails I would want to open but every one of these emails is simply a vehicle to get me to open the attached document and infect my computer system.

Ransomware Email Example

Ransomware Email Example

Ransomware Email Example

Ransomware Email Example

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RVG 6100 SIZE 1 SN BEGP236

Refurbished Kodak 6100, Size 1, SN:BEGP236


Refurbished Kodak RVG 6100, size 1, for sale. Thoroughly tested with 36 X-rays for excellent functionality.


Refurbished Dexis Platinum SN:0123836383


Refurbished Dexis Platinum for sale. Thoroughly tested with 36 X-rays for excellent functionality.


Refurbished Quickray size 1 SN:550988


Refurbished Quickray, size 1, for sale. Thoroughly tested with 36 X-rays for excellent functionality. Please note that images have artifacts

RVG 6000 SN: SHVG091

Kodak 6000 Used, Size 1, SN: SHVG091


Kodak RVG 6000 Used, size 1, for sale. Thoroughly tested with 36 X-rays for excellent functionality.