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Specialized Kodak Xray Sensor Technician Now In House

We get tons of your digital x-ray sensors in for repair every week and we love it.  Right now dental xray sensor repair turnaround from our receipt to repair to your door is approximately 14 business days, sometimes longer for certain repairs.  We’ve grown our staff and have started working on different ways to increase production, decrease turnaround time, and still push out high quality digital xray sensor repairs.

We’ve been fortunate enough to recruit a Kodak x-ray sensor technician to help our team out with repairing Kodak and Carestream digital x-ray sensors for all of our Kodak dental offices!  He will be handling only Kodak / Carestream digital xray sensors and nothing else. In conjunction with working daily to push out quality sensor repair our Kodak technician will also be training a few of our other technicians how to repair Kodak sensors.  This will put our Kodak repair quality at the top!

This is great news for us and all of our Kodak / Carestream x-ray sensor clients.  Having a specialized Kodak repair technician in house means that we can continue to put out high quality digital dental xray sensor repairs for you and it cuts our sensor repair turn around time for Kodak sensors in half!

If you’re one of our other sensor clients don’t fret!  We still have technicians that can repair any of your Dexis, Schick, Eva, XDR, Camsight, Suni, etc digital xray sensors!  Plus we are working on recruiting even more specialized xray sensor technicians from all of the major sensor companys so that we can spread our high quality sensor repair to other markets!

Want more information about our dental digital x-ray sensor repair?  Check out our digital sensor repair page to find out how you can get your sensor repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new or refurbished sensor!

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