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Dexis vs “Other Sensors”: Is there really a comfort difference that makes it worth the price

Today I was taking the time to put an E2V sensor next to a Dexis sensor for a client of ours so he could compare the size difference and see how much of a change he would be looking at to get out of Dexis.

This doctor has 4 Dexis sensors 2 of them do not work and 2 do. He has spent over 48000$ with Dexis 4 10K$ sensors and the 8K$ he paid for Dexis.Now 5 years down the road Dexis wants him to invest another 24K$ to get 2 new Dexis sensors and that is when he came to us.

I showed him side by side images of Dexis sensor images and E2V sensor images.
I showed him side by side images of the actual sensors next to each other.
I showed him Dexis vs Apteryx Xray Vision (The imaging software I would suggest for any dentist no matter what sensor they have)

What we came to conclude was that the biggest difference between the Dexis platinum and the Direct to USB E2V sensor was the price.
E2V size 2 4995$
Dexis Platinum 12K$

Just think of what Schein and Dexis have cost the doctor in his practice. He is 48K$ in the whole on purchases and over those 5 years he has carried the warranty on 2 of his sensors adding on an additional 3K$ per year minus the first year when the sensors included the warranty. That is another 12K$ so the doctor is 60K$ invested. Lets just think about where the doctor would have been if his rep had actually done what was best for him and told him about some of these much less expensive sensors.

4 E2V sensors – All 4 with 5 year warranties – $23,980
Apteryx Xray Vision with 10 seat licenses – $2595

That means on sensors alone the doctor could have saved $33,425

$33K could cover the doctors computer network, big screen tvs in the patient rooms, intra oral cameras and other pieces of technology that would boost case presentation and staff productivity. But instead that 33K$ just went to Schein making more money.

This astronomical cost difference is caused by Dexis wanting to get rich off of a sensor they paid another company to design and produce, then they middle man it to Henry Schein who wants to get rich off of the already middle manned product.
E2V and Dexis sensors very similar in size



Dexis Platinum Pricing

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